Overground Comics Debuts Spotlight Line with George Wassil’s “Oh, Hell”

A new premiere issue from Overground Comics hits shelves across the country today, and it’s something a little different for us.  Until today, all books published from Overground Comics have existed in a single continuity, the Overground Universe.  This means that all of our stories, from Absent Captain to the rest, occur together in one united world, where the characters can interact and actually meet each other.  Shrewd readers may have noticed a cameo from “Absent Captain” stars, the Cavaliers, in our premiere issue of Tinker.  This is all part of a bigger picture that will become more clear as time goes on.

As a company, we are very passionate about the work we do creating independent comics that connect with readers.  We firmly believe that independent creators are what pushes the limits of creativity and quality in comics.  This is why we decided to publish “Oh, Hell” under our new project, the Spotlight Line.  I met George Wassil in the Dallas area at a convention where he was promoting his book.  I was seated directly across from him, and all weekend long I watched as enthusiastic readers interacted with him about his graphic novel, Chrysalides, which contained the collected eight chapters of “Oh, Hell”.  I overheard many of his interactions, and it all sounded very familiar.  It sounded to me like conversations I had with readers at conventions about my own project.  I became more curious as the weekend progressed, and the first opportunity I had to leave my booth, I approached George and bought a copy of his book.  I read through it throughout the course of the day, and I was very impressed.  It’s a beautifully crafted book about a collection of characters that I think readers will develop a real affection for.

I asked George if he had distributed the book nationally yet.  He told me that although he had completed a successful kickstarter campaign to launch and print the book, he was having trouble finding a publisher to distribute the book, despite it’s success.  George even won the 2014 Geekie Award for best graphic novel.  That’s no small achievement for an independent creator, especially one without a distribution deal.  I told George that if he was ever interested in publishing the book as a series of comics, I would be interested in helping him with that, since I know that a lot of readers prefer to take things one issue at a time, rather than invest in the entire series at once.  Fortunately, George was open to that, and now we have another great new story to share with you.

Please enjoy George’s wonderful story, and Dave Hamann and Michael Birkhofer’s beautiful art in “Oh, Hell”, a new monthly miniseries from Overground Comics.